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Sunday, 9 May 2010

Ramkhamhaeng National Park IN THAILAND


The first is a historical park in Thailand's educational and interesting. Because the Conservation of Sukhothai historical evidence with the nature An area approximately 341 square kilometers or 213,215 rai in the past run wild is that "Pa Khao Luang" But when the official one operation reserve this area in order to announce a national park is named disgraceful that "Ramkhamhaeng" is. auspicious sign. It comes from the name of the king of the Thai nation is intelligent, Pho Khun Ramkhamhaeng the Great, who ruled the Sukhothai. Because the name was later (Khao Luang), the same as "Pa Khao Luang" which is a National Park Khao Luang in Nakhon Sri Thammarat park, this includes mountain foreground is elegant challenge climbers all is Mount Royal, which includes Mount to 4. Top with a steep cliff. Very beautiful scenery. Looking down from the mountain these Variety of wildlife. Beautiful waterfalls and caves are different. History. Depending on which of these are involved with the historical past. Is appropriate for the rest And historical research with Ramkhamhaeng National Park was announced on October 27, 1989.
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Topography of the mountains in Luang Ramkhamhaeng National Park Local Dan Lan Hoi Dan Lan Hoi district. Old Town District. Muang Sukhothai, Ban Khiri Mat Mat Guard District, Sukhothai Province. Khao Luang is the culmination of high sea level to 1,200 meters, Khao Luang mountain consists of four with a total peak Narayana. High sea level, 1,160-meter Mount Phra Mae Ya. High sea level, 1,200 meters high Mount Phu Ka sea level and 1,200 meters high mountain pagoda 1,185 meters above sea level when viewed from this hill to be able to see the beautiful scenery. Water will see the dam built in the Sukhothai period called "a rolling pharmacist Links" and the Sukhothai clearly.
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Transportation and facilities.
For tourist travel to the Ramkhamhaeng National Park. If you start from Bangkok. The drive to Sukhothai Kamphaeng Phet, Nakhon Sawan via Mat (Mat District) before the Sukhothai 20 km 414 km core area will see the great heights on the left. Turn left along the gravel road. Distance of 16 km to the office of the Ramkhamhaeng National Park. Then to travel on foot from the office to visit various places. Accommodation details contact the call. 579-7223, 579-5734 or at PO Box 1, Mat District, Sukhothai 64160.
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Highlights of interest.
Mount Narayana.
In height from sea level to 1,160 meters at the station telecommunications Narayana. Air Force area of 25 rai at the Narayana his steep cliffs and a beautiful recreation place. You can see the scenery around him at night. Will see the light of Sukhothai and Phitsanulok well.
Mount Phra Mae Ya.
Height of 1,200 meters under sea level history in ancient prayer as a residence and hermitage of the Holy Mother Mother.
Hilltop pagoda
High, 1,185 meters above sea level, which highlights the peak of these include the beautiful cliffs and evergreen forests alternate with views of pasture land along the Great fried mountain.
Door nature
The history is listed as the "entrance into" the valley north of the park. Or at the office of the National Park today. "Door naked, on the eastern basin of the park. Check Point is located in the park. "Phra Ruang door" in the south basin of the park and there is a story that is the gateway to the Phra Ruang kite at one of this.
Suan Lum, Lumpini Park or day
A herb garden that the other one is at the foot of Khao Luang National Park office is currently at Ramkhamhaeng University. Located east of the Khao Luang.
Withdraw threat.
The location of the ancients built between the accommodation of the Mount Royal. And the shadow of the hunter during the Phra Ruang. There is also a secret missile Myanmar yard is the place to tell the former war with Myanmar to the Sukhothai was the secret missile to sink a sharp furrowed groove other. To see in today
Rainbow Waterfall.
A famous waterfall and beautiful as possible. Located west of Khao Luang. Flow into the Yom River at Ban Pu Mat is an attractive district of Khao Luang National Park. Travel to Highway 101 (line Sukhothai - Kamphaeng Phet) 400 km to the intersection with signs for about 13 km of gravel road to the switch and pour some of the tire. Protection Unit of the park. Parking in the waterfall to the fourth floor's foot from the Protection Unit. Up the stream flow, a distance of 880 meters 960 meters 1,160 meters and 1,200 meters respectively.
Waterfall body twist
Located east of the Khao Luang. Flow into the Yom River at Ban Bo Wong. There is also a waterfall and the water rise Pha Nam Rin. Goldsmith and waterfalls etc.
In addition, the various caves to visit such as Tham Phra Mae Ya Vishnu cave cave cave footprint cord these new caves and the horizontal vent her success Cave Naga

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