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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Travel suphanburi in Thailand

Suphan Buri province. Located approximately 100 kilometers from Bangkok is a city with attractions like many Both historical and natural. Whether it is a royal Rachanusorn Chedi. Teacher of the measure him up Thammachot author morale to people Rachan. U Thong National Museum. Phu Toei National Park Lake Chawak and a dessert trolley in a gold And you can go easy. Not far from Bangkok much. Suphanburi province is also important in agriculture. It is a city located in the basin. Water throughout the year. Allows crops throughout the year.
Chuan dialect listen Suphan Buri is the ancient city. Archaeological evidence. At least 3500-3800 years antiquities excavated a Stone Age and Iron Age and Achievement new era of cultural heritage due to the period of Suvarnabhumi. Suphanburi was called another name that "City Dvaravati Srisupan landscape" or "science, Buri," added the Lord, but check. (Son of Burma, Thai year) come to reign. City and move to the right side of the Tha Chin River. Wat Sanam Chai has created. And renovation of Wat Pa Lelai. He invited the religious officials of 2,000 people called another name as "two thousand Buri" But God hath Thong City to move on the desk. (West of Tha Chin River) This city has a new name that "Thong" until one group session Khunheyong Pa sill Its name is in the Suphan Buri. In addition, the literature on city of origin. Khun Chang Khun. Literature as one of the key to Thai nationals. When we go to Suphan Buri to experience the atmosphere of this literature, whether a home is a District street names and names of various landmarks. The context is still visible today, such as Khao Yai Yai Wat Ban Rai fence cotton Lelai Wat Pa Wat Nang Phim Canon Road District Road Khun Krai Thong and Prachan District.
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Territorial administration.
Suphan Buri has a total area of approximately 5,358 square kilometers. Area divided into 10 districts namely Muang, Bang Pla Ma district. Prachan District. Don Chedi. Sam Chuk district Nangbuat U Thong Nong Ya Sai. Brothers and Dan Chang district.
Contact North Chainat. And Uthai Thani.
Contact East Ang Thong Province. Ayutthaya. And Sing Buri.
Nakhon Pathom Province, south contact.
Contact Kanchanaburi province west.
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You can use multiple routes of travel routes. It takes approximately one hour from Bangkok following.
     1. From Bangkok, via Bang Bua Thong. To Suphanburi province. Or from Bangkok, via Bang Bua Thong Nonthaburi. To Suphanburi province. Distance of 107 kilometers.
     2. Pathum Thani from Bangkok through. Wickerwork. To Suphanburi province. Distance of 115 kilometers.
     3. From Bangkok via Ayutthaya. To Suphanburi province. Distance of 132 kilometers.
     4. From Bangkok via Sing Buri Province. District Nangbuat. To Suphanburi province. Distance of 228 kilometers.
     5. From Bangkok, Angthong through. To Suphanburi province. Distance of 150 kilometers.
     6. From Bangkok via Nakhon Pathom Province. Kamphaeng Saen. To Suphanburi province. Distance of 164 kilometers.
Udon or path (Pa Expressway - Kret) For more information call. 1543.
State Railway of Thailand The train from station to station Lamphong Suphanburi one trip per day from Bangkok at 16.40 am to 19.40 pm and Suphanburi Suphanburi way back from Bangkok at 4:30 pm to 8:10 pm Call for more. Public Service travel The State Railway of Thailand Tel. 0 2220 4334, 0 2621 8710, 1690 Suphan Buri Railway Station Tel 0 3551 1950, 0 3552 1799 or visit the website.
The bus
Transport Company bus from there. Mo Chit bus station to Suphanburi Kamphaengphet 2 daily Regular bus and the air conditioning. For more information, please call. 0 2537 8055 and leave the car. Southern Bus Terminal. Road Borommaratchachonnani. Takes about 1 hour 30 minutes for further information call ordinary car. 0 5557-8 and in 2434 a Pan Bus Company Tour Tel. 0 2,884 9,522 (Suphan Buri) Tel. 0 3 550 0 817 car first trip out of Bangkok 06:00 hrs last 19.00 Suphanburi first trip out of the final 04:30 hrs 18:00 hrs or website
Travel from Suphanburi province to close.
Ayutthaya 31 kilometers.
Ang 44 kms.
Pathum Thani 80 kms.
Nonthaburi, 89 km.
Kanchanaburi 91 kms.
Travel from district to district, Muang Suphanburi different.
Muang - Km.
Bang Pla Ma district, 10 km.
Prachan district 20 km.
Don Chedi district 31 km.
U Thong 32 kms.
Thao to 39 kilometers.
District Nangbuat 54 Km.
Nong Ya Sai 58 kms.
District, 70 kilometers brothers.
Dan Chang 77 kms.
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Important phone numbers.

Province Tel. 0 3553 5376,0 3540 8200, 0 3553 5378.

Suphanburi call. 0 3551 1987, 0 3551 1021.

Provincial Information Tel. 0 3540 8220, 0 3553 5423.

Police Call. 0 3552 5583-4.

Suphan Buri Bus (Transport Company Ltd.) Tel. 0 3552 2373.

Suphan Hospital Suphamit call. 0 3550 0283-8, 0 3550 1601-5.

Chaophya Hospital Yama Tel. 0 3550 2784-8, 0 3552 4068-98.

Chedi Hospital Tel. 0 3559 1032, 0 3557 8032-3 Tel. 0 3550 8577, 0 3550 8492.

Hospital Nangbuat call. 0 3557 8032-3, 0 3550 8577, 0 3550 8492.

Bangplama Hospital Tel. 0 3540 0578-81.

Prachan Hospital Tel. 0 3558 1204, 0 3558 1203, 0 3558 1749-51.

Thong Hospital Tel. 0 3555 1422, 0 3555 1432.

Hospital 17 A. King 'Lord brothers call. 0 3553 1077.

Chuk Hospital Tel. 0 3557 1492.

Dan Chang Hospital Tel. 0 3559 5032, 0 3550 9693-6.

Highway Police Tel. 1193.

Tourist Police Tel. 1155.

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